Rubber stamps are commonly seen and used in the offices and industries- as plain supplies.

They just lie around the corner and waiting to be used, often neglected and set aside. But, these seemingly trivial tools can make a huge change in your everyday tedious tasks.

Contrary to popular belief, there are much more ways to use your rubber stamps other than just a simple tool in your office or workplace.

Here are some examples of rubber stamp uses:

  • Birthday and holiday cards
  • Invitations (weddings, housewarming, baby showers)
  • Business Cards
  • For your business: promotional flyers, tags, inserts, cups, Loyalty cards
  • Crafting hobbies
  • For fabric and wrapping papers
  • To make stickers
  • Stamp on polymer clays

These are only a few of hundreds of rubber stamp uses and applications. So, if you still don’t have your rubber stamp, you better start considering buying one now.  


We give you ten reasons why you should start using, buying and appreciating your custom and personalised rubber stamps:

1. They are economical

red colored call to action offers with different designs

Rubber stamps are very cost-effective just as they are beneficial. They are your go-to solutions for a wide array of applications.

 Rubber stamps can help you save time and hassle – from labelling documents to writing greeting cards. Rubber stamps will always get the job done. Unlike printing, rubber stamps are low cost and economical and are perfect substitutes for handwriting and expensive print jobs.

2. They are classic and creative

Stamps never go out of style. In the society where everything is digital and automated, stamps will stand out. They are also great for creating great crafts. Designing with a rubber stamp can range from being simple to more complicated but still very artistic. It will always depend on your preferences. But anyhow, rubber stamp is always a great idea. Plus, it helps you give a personal touch to your letters and souvenirs.  (insert image)

3. They are very versatile and useful

You can use rubber stamps in just about anything. You’ll be surprised how versatile rubber stamps can be – from stamping paper cups, eggs to marking loyalty cards to administrative labels for your business. It is quick, easy to use and can help you save loads of time from handwriting signatures and names on your documents.

4. They can be customised

2 Stamps pad with stamps in two different colors pink and blue


Custom and personalised rubber stamps. Depending on the application, rubber stamps can come in various shapes, sizes, colours and kinds. It can be custom built to meet the specific requirements for the stamping job – personal, business or special occasions. It can contain personal information, logos, home and web addresses, signatures, messages and even QR codes. Just like your character, your rubber stamp can be uniquely made and personalised for you. 

5.They can be customised

White Notebook with texts and flower designs


Depending on the kind of stamp, whether traditional or self-inking, it’s just a matter of refilling or replacing your ink pads. Aside from its obvious perk of being durable,  rubber stamps are simple to refill, store and maintain, though there are some things to remember to prolong the life of your stamps. Take great care of your stamps and your stamps will live a long life.

6.They are kid-friendly

baby dressed with polo wearing a silver hat held by two hands with eyes hidden

Whether it’s summer or just an ordinary weekend, there will be a need to keep your kids busy. And stamps are on your rescue.

Stamps are perfect to keep your kids occupied while giving them the pleasure to get creatively messy and dirty.  A few pieces of rubber stamps and coloured kid-friendly ink pads might be enough to keep them away from the kitchen while you are making lunch. Stamps at school, marking a star or a “great work!” for toddlers’ little achievements to keep them motivated.

7. They are great for stress relief

What better way to relieve your stress than to stamp away. There is something very satisfying about that sound of the stamp peeling away from paper or any surface. Enjoy the stamping satisfaction and stop stressing over that overdue.  Or discover another hobby like collecting stamps and making cards, because your only limit is your imagination.

8. They always are handy.

Rubber stamps are becoming more and handier. They can be small enough to include in your car and house keys or pop into your pocket which enables you to apply and use it anywhere and anytime. You can skip the hassle of handwriting your name and contact information or your business’ actual and website address when someone asks for it and just easily stamp it.

9. They can help your business look unique and organised

Dairy Products Stamps in Black And White Color

In the business industry where dog eats dog, you need to stay on top of mind and to leave your mark on your prospects and customers to help them remember you. Or you can send them a little nudge through limited offers and promos. And yes, you can do this with personalised and customised stamps because why not? Have a takeaway business and need your logo to be in everything including paper napkin, paper bags and clothing tags? Say no more; stamps are here for you. Of course, stamps help you keep your office space organised, easy sorting of your paperwork and documents. Avoid confusion at all cost.  

10. They look awesome

Burger with patties stamped

Yes, definitely awesome! Because stamps are customisable, you can turn your unique designs, logos and calligraphies to rubber stamps. And get everyone “wow”=ing on your creations and your freebies! It’s always a great way to step up your crafts and your business cards. 



These reasons are only a few of the many, and surely there are more reasons why you should purchase and start using rubber stamps for your everyday tasks these stamps are so important for small businesses and are very useful for many purposes. There are a lot of ways you can explore and experiment with the use of customised and personalised rubber stamps. You can easily purchase personalised and customised online and have it delivered right at your doorstep. You can use it personally or have it made for somebody else and give it as a gift.  Rubber stamps are genuinely classic, inexpensive and never goes out of style.