What makes rubber stamps such necessities in offices? Is it the design? Or is it the benefits you get from switching handwriting to using a tool. Professionals overlook the ease that rubber stamps give to anyone who uses them. Think of a school teacher who has to continually sign papers during card giving day. Or the doctors who have to sign numerous prescriptions every day. Rubber stamps can remove the inconvenience of monotonous, tedious tasks by completing it faster. And because of this benefit, buying a stamp set becomes an investment instead of an expense.

Below are the five types of rubber stamps that you need in your work desk.

a traditional numbering stamp in black colored handle


Date Stamps


Date stamps are one of the common stamps you’ll find in any office area. These handy stamps make writing dates on any business document from reports, invoices, inventories to receipts easy, quick and convenient for you. Making these stamps an absolute necessity in your business especially if you ’re in the trading and service-oriented market.


How does it do this? Date stamps have the months, dates and years embossed on its rotating rubber plate. So, there’s no need for you to write each date by hand over and over again when a purchase or transaction is made. These stamps will help, and they also come in three types: traditional rubber stamp, self-inking stamp and the pre-inked stamp.

a pile of metal engraved stamps in number


Number Stamps

Another common stamp type that you’ll find in businesses today is number stamps since they’re great for receipts and order forms. Number stamps like date stamps have the numbers embossed or engraved on its rotating rubber plate. This rotating feature makes changing the numbers quick and easy.

No more painstaking handwritten serial numbers on your order forms, receipts and inventories, because the number stamp can do that for you. Plus you have the choice to have your number stamps personalised and customised according to your business. So, a number stamp that has a leaf design next to the numbers is totally doable.

name stamps in white color


Address Stamps


Address stamps help you mark the dates on any business document you own faster, from memorandums, RFPs and project budgets. They’re also handy for marking any file you have with important dates like when it was submitted and when it was approved. And if you own a business that produces products and merchandise, stamping your address on every box, you ship to the stores is a great way to raise awareness about your business location.

Personalised address stamps, on the other hand, are both handy and beautiful. The stamp design for custom stamps ranges from the traditional plain rubber stamps all the way up to elaborate formal ones that have flowers, trees, mountains and even faces of people. You can also have your company logo next to your address.

green rectangle name stamp


Signature Stamps


Signature stamps are your best mate; these stamps make signing memos, reports, invoices, employee contracts, project agreements and any other business documents quick and effortless. Your hands won’t tire from repeatedly signing a document after documents; signature stamps will do the signing for you just stamp it on the sheet of paper and go.

Signature stamps can be personalised according to your wishes, it can either be a plain signature, or it can have your name in bold letters below the signature. And you have the choice to pick between the three types of stamps: self-inking stamps, pre-inked stamps and traditional or hand mounted stamps.

stock custom file stamp


Stock Stamps


Are the all-around stamps you can find in offices and warehouses. These stamps come in a variety of prints from rubber stamps that say Fragile, Paid, Approved, Duplicate, Ok all the way up to those that have grades embossed on the rubber plate. These stamps are used for inspection, approval and overhauling of products, documents and reports that undergo assessment or evaluation. These stamps also come in different styles and can be customised and personalised according to your order.



Rubber stamps, whether hand mounted, self-inking or pre-inked help make office work easy by removing menial manual tasks such as writing down dates, receipt numbers and even the simple signature. And large scale businesses or those heading towards the medium or large scale market need to look for tools that make efficient and fast; rubber stamps are precisely that tool.