Christmas is just a week away, and people who still have not gotten presents for their parents are rushing to shops and malls to get their parents something this Christmas. Now if you’re this someone, maybe it would be better for you to take a seat, and read this first. Address stamp is the best present you can give to your parent this upcoming holiday.

Now you might be asking why you should give something small and simple for your parents this holiday? Why not something grand, or something expensive? I have an answer to that. Here are 3 reasons why an address stamp is an ideal Christmas gift for your parents:



Although we are slowly walking towards a more digitised and paperless society, we haven’t gone that far in our journey just yet. Today, we still need to write a few things on paper. One of the things we need to write is our home address, and this applies not only to you but to your parents as well.

Now, what makes an address stamp a perfect gift for your parent is that they can use it for their day to day use. They can use this if they’re planning on giving you a card in the future, for paying their bills, for sending tax forms, or basically anything that needs to be mailed. With a personalised self-inking stamp, your parents no longer need to write your address again and again.

In addition to that, if your parents are starting to journey towards their senior years, chances are, they’re already experiencing health problems such as arthritis that will hinder them from being able to write properly as they used to. With your parents having arthritis, they will not be able to write as fast as they used to. Also, some of them may have troubles with seeing and so they won’t be able to write legibly. Giving them a self-inking address stamp will definitely make their lives better.



Another reason why an address stamp is an excellent holiday gift for your parent is that it’s personal. You can custom-create your rubber stamp with your parent’s name on the top of your home’s address. Because with your parent’s name on the stamp, your gift will be special since it is personalised. And gifts that are personalised will always be appreciated. Think of it like this, your parents don’t have to write your address on the envelopes again and again.

On the first line of your address stamp, you can use both the first letter of the names of your parents such as “E and J Doe”, or you can make it more general for example, “The Doe Family” so anyone from your parent’s household can use the stamp. You can also choose to use the first name of your parents such as “Edward & Julia” or you can choose to create a one for each of your parents. You can even change the font your parent’s names on the first line to give emphasis on the family name or the name of the sender.

Using a self-inking stamp— or any stamp for marking your address on any paper gives your mails and documents a professional look in it.


Long Lasting

With today’s technology, you can now give an item to your parent that can excite them for the first few uses but will eventually bore them out shortly after. As I have mentioned earlier, address stamps are practical and can be very useful for your parents, it is even useful for you if you tend to send mails and documents every now and them. Some gifts can please them because of the help it can to them, but will easily break, or may need updates every now and then. But, there are practical gifts that will both help your parents in their day to day living that will last for a long time, and these are the address stamps.

Stamps are made to withstand though heavy-duty stamping on very busy offices which means it will surely survive with a minimal usage. Especially because your parents will not be sending that much mails and documents in a span of a day. They will only be using the stamp as needed. You only have to teach them how to properly keep and clean stamps so it can last for a very long time.


Final Thoughts

Your parents took care of you ever since you were a little child. You are as dear to then just as you care for them. They deeply appreciate any Christmas presents they receive from you. Giving them something practical and personalised this holiday will inevitably bring up a smile on their faces.