Stamps in New Zealand are predominantly used in postage. However, businesses nowadays are opting to use self-inking stamps, as a way to lessen the cost of buying printing machines to produce custom printed packaging. Instead, businesses are leaning on custom rubber stamps as an option.

But, how likely will these custom rubber stamps improve the brand awareness of businesses? More specifically in New Zealand?

Over 70% of brand managers find building an audience more important than converting them into sales. Your personalised stamps are not just your classic stationary tool to organise your things; there are other ways you can play with it. Especially on the field of business, it’s one of the most versatile devices to have around.

How can a stationary tool improve your business? Simple. Use your stamps to build your businesses’ brand image. It offers you affordable brand recognition. Customers are known to be loyal to at least one brand. One of the factors this is made possible is because they have established trust with the brand.


2 Ways to Use Stamps for Your Business


  • Labels


Packaging is considered one of the most important feat of your business after the product itself. Customers don’t measure the pros and cons of the product when they’re looking for details, they have no time for that.

Your customers immediately look for the important details, the product’s brand name, the benefits, and the ingredients or materials used. If your customer sees that you’re offering a great product at a reasonable price. They’re going to give your product a try. Now this where things really start. If they love your product, they’re going to remember your product’s label as well as your logo. On their next purchase, if they see another product with the same logo and brand name, they’re going to purchase it.

Packaging is also important because it gives an appeal to the product. It gives your brand an identity. Think about how you have your own preferred brands of shoes, clothes, and even food. Incorporating stamp designs on your packaging gives your brand a face that your customer can easily recognise. Which is why it is highly recommended that you use a simple logo that’s unique and can be easily recognisable by your customers.


  • Imprinting Logo

imprinting logo

Liven up your plain envelopes. Imprint them with stamp designs that contains the logo of your company, perhaps your social media account, or your brand’s website.  You can also add them on your business cards. Not only is it cost effective because you don’t have to order personalised envelopes and cards, it’s also a huge time saver. It means you don’t have to wait for the delivery of your personalised items, or to pick up the item you ordered.

Stamp them in your promotional tools such as postcards, seasonal greeting cards, thank you cards, or any items  you plan on giving to your customers.

When you buy rubber stamps, you no longer have to worry of it only being a one-time use. You can take advantage of it by creating something new for your business. Remember, businesses stay for a long time because of the never-ending loop of product innovation that you can offer to customers.


Final Thoughts

Personalised stamps are more than just as an office stationery.  There are other ways you can use it, especially in business: for authorisation purposes, to organise your documents, craft, and even for spreading brand awareness. So, what’re you waiting for? Build yourself an empire, get everyone to know about your brand by using your self-inking stamps!