When it comes to choosing a stamp maker for the stamps that you want to buy, you want to make sure that the stamp you’re purchasing is of good quality. You don’t want it to be damaged after using it once or twice. You want a stamp that can last for a long time, the kind of stamp that you can actually use for years.

Which is why if you’re thinking of getting your own personalised stamp, don’t just choose the first one you see. Think of what the stamp maker can give you.


Here are 4 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Stamp Maker:


1. Style

a stamp

Definitely choose a rubber stamp company that fully translates your brands’ style. A company that can bring the visual and style that you want to have for your stamp.

My friend Stephen, owns a company that sells mugs. He’s looking for personalised rubber ink stamps to use for his product’s packaging. He wants his stamps to be looking classy and elegant, as he wants his brand to be known for its classy and minimalistic designs, preferably, containing only the brand name and a tagline.  He looked for a stamp company, and placed his stamp order. A stamp containing only his brand’s name. However, by the time his order arrived, Stephen’s minimalistic font for his brand’s name turned out looking nowhere near minimalistic. The font used for the stamp was cursive and to add with that, the stamp maker added a border. He was very disappointed with his purchase that he contacted their customer service, turns out, the stamp he ordered was non-refundable.

See, this is why you want to make sure that the stamp creator knows the style you want to have for your stamp and incorporates it to the stamp you have ordered. What’s the point of buying from a maker who can’t even materialise your envisioned  style?


2. Fair Pricing

a price tag

Decide on a manufacturer that offers you the best price. I’m not saying you choose the cheapest one out there. Look for the stamp company with high quality stamps at a good price. Look for the company whom you think has a lot to offer.

Let’s say, Dominique is a businessman who wants to buy self-inking date stamps, to help him organise his documents better. As he searched online he found two custom stamps creators online who offers high quality stamps, and has great feedbacks from their previous customers.

Rubber Stamp Company A offers a personalised rubber ink stamp that costs $9.70 and offers to sell three stamps at $27 with free shipping and delivery fee. Rubber Stamp Company B sells three stamps for $25 however, the shipping/ delivery is not free and charges $5 for it. Which of the two do you think has a better offer, Company A or Company B?

You see, you have to weigh their offers in, this includes the cost, the quality and the feedback from their previous customers. You just have to invest on what’ll give you the best.


3. Ease of Use

ease of use

In terms of workmanship, it’s how the stamp basically works. You have to check  whether the product is easy to use, works well when you print it on any surface- preferably on any type of medium. Is it comfortable for your to use? How long does the stamp last? How many impressions does it make before ink from the self inking stamps fade.

Another friend of mine, Linda, a 65 year-old woman sells souvenir items. She bought personalised ink stamps containing the name of her brand, the location of her shop. She bought those stamps because the manufacturer assured her that those stamps are easy to use because it makes clear impressions and dries easily. She was very satisfied with the stamp she ordered and prompted her friends who are in the same business as hers to order one for their business as well.

What I’m saying is that you should make sure that you know how the stamp works, as well as how easy is it to use. After all, stamps are made to help us finish our repetitive tasks faster.


4. Durability


Of course, you need to decide on personalised ink stamps that’s going to last for a long time. Something that does not easily smudge over glossy surface. Purchase something that won’t waste your money in just one use. Just like Bernard, he bought custom stamps online to mark the packaging of his product using his newly bought personalised rubber ink stamps. The stamp was working fine for a few days, but after about a week, the body of the stamp started wobbling, and hours after some parts of the stamps got detached from the body.

This is why you have to double check the durability of the stamps made by your stamp creator. You don’t want your money to go to waste, do you?


Final Thoughts

In business, everything is an investment. Everything you decide on is considered a risk for the company. Including how you pick the right rubber stamp company for your business. Watch out for the creator’s style, price, ease of use, and durability before deciding to order the stamp for business