Of all the rubber stamp variants available out there, the self-inking stamp seems to be the one that offers the most convenience. It’s a modern-day take to the traditional stamp, where instead of having a separate ink pad, it comes installed directly onto your stamp, so the process of stamping is fast, smooth and efficient.

In this article, we are going to talk about the potential of self-inking stamps as a capable tool for continuous, non-stop stamping possibilities.

What are Self-inking Stamps? red colop brand self inking stamp with hands holding on it

Before we move further, let’s first define the topic. A self-inking stamp is an innovative type of stamp mechanism that’s primarily composed of a solid spring, a standard stamp, and an ink pad.

Whenever you use a self-inking stamp on a piece of paper, the spring mechanism will flip the rubber edge in an upward direction and into direct contact with the ink pad inside. The result is a consistently even-coated print that lasts up to 10,000 impressions before the ink needs replacing.

Self-inking rubber stamps act as a miniature printer that prints out stamp designs on a surface without you having to rely on a separate ink pad. Continuity and efficiency is the name of the game when you’re using a self-inking rubber stamp. It features an inkpad installed inside the stamp itself, which makes a self-inking stamp ideal for repetitive stamping tasks.


Self-inking Stamps Vs. Pre-inked Stamps

colop brand self inking stamp seperated with zigzag line with traditional rubber stamp

There has been some debate about pre-inking stamps being similar to self-inking stamps. While both stamps do offer seemingly the same feature, they are actually different from each other. Both types of stamps can make your stamping job faster, and also give out more consistent impressions compared to traditional rubber stamps.


The Main Difference

Colop brand stamp with ejected ink shelf

Despite their similarities, they do have distinct differences that need to be addressed. A self-inking stamp is made with a built-in, water-based ink pad that automatically re-inks itself whenever an impression is made. A pre-inked rubber stamp features an ink storage located at the back of the stamp and uses an oil-based ink to make prints. So while both are similar in terms of not having to rely on an ink pad to be effective, they are entirely different regarding their approach. However, If you’re looking for a stamp that’s best for stamping large quantities, self-inking stamps is your go-to option.


Some of the highlights of Self-inking stamps include the following:


  • Best for stamping large quantities
  • Works quickly with a simple press
  • Can handle rough and heavy use
  • Can us a variety of inks which is useful for periodic re-inking
  • Self-inking stamps make about 10,000 impressions before it runs out of ink.
  • Easy to refill ink on your own.
  • Affordable & Good Quality Impressions


Benefits of Rubber Stamps

red colop nrand self inking stamp on its side a no sign on its rear a stamp pad

We are currently living in a world where rubber stamps are at the height of their popularity. With a customised self-inking stamp, you can avoid the potential mess and frustration of using traditional stamps with separate ink pads. Self-inking stamps are ideal for all of your corporate and artistic tasks and needs.



red handle stamp on a red square stamp pad

Self-inking rubber stamps don’t need an external ink pad to be used effectively. All you need is to make sure the ink pad inside this mechanical stamp is well-filled to be able to make the most of your stamping task. Because you won’t have to punch to an ink pad, stamping will become easier, faster, and more convenient.


Long-lasting Use

Colop brand self inking stamp focused on the word Printer 30 in red white design

Unlike traditional rubber stamps, the ink pad of a self-inking stamp doesn’t get exposed to air which will quickly dry out its ink and render it useless. The ink pad is installed inside, which means your ink will stay dry and unhindered throughout your use of your stamp. On average, a self-inking stamp can produce up to 10,000 impressions before needing a refill, granting you maximum usage without any roadblock.


Save Time & Money

different paper bills with distinct colors and a silver clock analog clock on the upper right side

Because you can efficiently stamp away without any effort, you can potentially save time as you can finish your stamping tasks twice as fast as using traditional rubber stamps. In the same manner, not having to spend on additional ink pads mean you’re saving a ton of extra cash as well.


Custom Designs

different rubber stamp design in black and white hue

Rubber stamps come in different styles and designs. So if you’re worried that self-inking stamps might not have the design you’re looking for, you should shop for the most amazing customised self-inking stamps in the market right now. You can find them in retailers available online or in physical stores. There are a plethora of designs for you to choose from. Plus you can also create your very own custom design available on most online stamp retailers.


Why You Should Use Self-inking Rubber Stamps

Another significant benefit of self-inking stamps is the increase in productivity that it provides. If you’re stuck in a workplace where you’re compelled to use the same phrase over and over again, you can avoid the hassle of having to write the phrase entirely by creating a custom stamp and complete that massive pile of paperwork a whole lot faster.


You can also customise your documents, and enveloped by branding them with your company name, logo, or slogan. Doing so will guarantee that whoever will see the document will know precisely where it came from. Using a self-inking rubber stamp is a lot more cost-efficient and affordable than getting specially printed envelopes and letterheads. You will still look like a professional even if you’re only using a self-inking stamp since the quality of the print is still impressively good.



The simplicity, durability, and overall effectiveness of a self-inking stamp cannot be ignored. It’s a special type of stamp that can serve multiple purposes. You can use it as a corporate tool for all of the stampings you need to get done at work, or as an artistic material used to printing out different quirky designs. You can even carry one wherever you go to ensure that you’ll never skip a beat whenever a stamping task arises. Self-inking stamps bring out a lot of benefits that you can take advantage.