Doesn’t it frustrate you, when you can’t get the product that you’ve asked for, or ordered from a custom stamp maker? Like, when you ordered a plain wood stamp, and you end up getting a plastic self-inking stamp instead? Or, you want a stamp that can give clear imprints, that only pre-inked stamps can create, and you end up with a self-inking stamp?

And when it comes to personalised stamps, whether it’s a rubber stamp or a self-inking stamp. You don’t know where to start. Should it be the design or the price? You need a guide to help you decide if the stamp maker you’re about to contact is right for you. That’s why we created four easy steps to help you make the right choice.

Step 1: Check their price range

The first step is checking out the price of the stamps they sell. It can be self-inking stamps, or regular rubber stamps, and even pre-inked stamps. The price of the stamp believe it or not matters. Because, even if you argue that you value quality over price if the cost of the stamp causes a dent in your budget, then you’re bound to have problems.

You know that the product fits you perfectly when it fits your budget. Complex and expensive stamp makers won’t be the right choice for you if they charge you more than you can afford. You want to look for someone who sells quality stamps for a reasonable and affordable price.

Checking their price range also lets you see into the kind of business person they are. If they charge a hundred for a product that only costs fifty in the market, then either they make out-of-this-world stamps, or they’re a greedy and dishonest bunch of people. It’s a good start for a business to business relationship. Since you wouldn’t want to do business with a dishonest person, right?

Step 2: Take a look at their work

Personalised stamps need to be – personalised. And one good way to evaluate a stamp maker is looking at their products. This way, you can gauge if they can give you what you want. For example, you want a stamp that is articulate, or cautious of the details. If the stamp maker isn’t that keen on the details on the stamp, then you would know that they’re not the right stamp maker for you.

Stamp design makes a big difference in a market full of personalised stamp makers. Custom rubber stamps need to look and feel specifically for your business, not something that looks like your competitor’s imprint. Look for a stamp maker that gives you the choice to design and make your own versions of each stamp you order, whether it’s an address stamp or a stock stamp.

Step 3: Check Their Reviews

One way to figure out what kind of customer service they offer is through reading what reviews they have. You can get an idea, or preview of their work, ethics based on what their previous customers’ feedback.

You can use these feedbacks or comments as a base for your decision. Now, we’re not telling you to become all judgemental, and shut down all opportunities of doing business with the brand. But, what we’re saying is, paint a rough draft of a picture first. Once you have this idea of how they work, then you can proceed to step four.

And, only after you’ve done step four, can you say that you won’t buy the rubber stamps or self-inking stamps they sell.

Step 4: Contact Them

You can either request a quote or ask for a product sample or demo. This is especially useful if you’re planning on buying in bulk, or more than ten stamps. By contacting them, you get to experience for yourself how they deal with their customers. If they’re rude and very un-accommodating, then that’s your cue to NOT do business with them.

But, if you find that most of their reviews prove to be untrue, then, by all means, do business with them. And if you ask for a demo, and they show you great work then doesn’t that give a valid proof that they can give you what you want?


These four steps are meant to be your initial guide, as you move forward to checking out different stamp makers. You can make your own easy steps. What matters is you find a stamp maker that’s perfect for you and for your business. Fit your criteria for your needs, and to your budget and you’ll find that finding a stamp maker is not that hard after all.