With the whole world turning digital, less and less physical copies and more soft copies for the documents. Even marketing strategies are even implemented digitally through email marketing and ad campaigns. So does that mean your business should scrap physical copies and go digital too? Not necessarily—no. You can still implement marketing strategies offline with the help of marketing stamps.


What are these Marketing Stamps?

These are the stamps (self-inking or rubber) that are used for business and marketing purposes. Some of these are date stamps, address stamps, and common seals. Now, how can these stamps help you with the marketing strategies you’re using offline?


Here are 3 things that a stamp can help you in implementing offline marketing strategies:


Making Customers Anticipate for Something

As a business owner, you want to make sure you are able to keep the interest of your customer. You don’t want your customers to be bored with your brand because bored customers are not going to stay with your brand for a long period of time.

Now, how are you able to continually gain the interest of your customer? You make them anticipate something. Remember back when people were lining up on Starbucks to order coffee because employees weren’t able to spell names correctly? People were anticipating how Starbucks would spell their name. Then hooked those people up with their delicious coffee. Talk about effective marketing strategies. In a span of weeks, the name Starbucks became popular globally.

Another way to keep your customers anticipating for something new is to have a periodic packaging change. Now this may sound crazy especially because changing your packaging means more money is being spent, but hear me out in this one. There’s a cost-effective way to change the packaging of your product and this is through the use of self-inking rubber stamps. You can personalise your rubber stamp, choose a design that’s simple and minimalist for your packaging, or something with a bold statement. Do this periodically and people will surely anticipate your new packaging.


Sending Snail Mails

Do snail mails still work? The answer to that is Yes, they do work. And they work as good as email marketing does. If you want to stand out among your business competitors— do something unique, something your business competitors were not able to do. In this time and age, businessmen prefer sending emails to their customers rather than sending snail mails mainly because its time consuming, and is also very costly.

However, snail mails are also very personal. It makes your customers feel important because you took a good chunk of your time to give them a personalised letter.

So how are self-inking stamps able to help you with snail mails?

You can order rubber stamps, to be specific, custom-made self-inking stamps online. You can enter your business address as a return address, and use this to mark plain envelopes. You now have a personalised envelope. You can also add your business’ common seal and just like your return address stamp, you are free to design your stamp and you can use your stamp’s design as a common seal of your brand. Not only are you able to cut costs because you bought the plain envelopes rather than ordering a personalised one.


Gift Certificates

Giving gift certificates to your loyal customers is also an effective strategy. Customers feel good whenever they are recognised for their efforts. If you are able to recognise your customer’s continued support, chances are, they will stay with your brand much longer— and you want just that. Your current customers buy more products than those who are still new to your product.

Gift Certificates is a good way to please your loyal customer. You can choose to give your most loyal ones these, or they can choose to buy one of these Gift Certificates and give them as a present to their family and friends. Not only are you able to sell to your existing customer, but your brand will also be heard by their family and friends. That’s another customer for you to nourish.

You can make gift certificates using self-inking stamps. Especially because self-inking stamps can make an impression on both porous and glossy materials. You don’t have to spend a lot of cash on printing certificates.


Final Thoughts

Even with if the whole world is turning digital, nothing can beat the power of personal touch. Even with a simple snail mail, putting an element of surprise to our packaging, or through giving a simple present of Gift Certificates to your loyal customers will definitely help increase their trust with your brand. Remember, the key to a successful business a good customer service and an excellent marketing strategy— and this strategy doesn’t need to be digital.