Are you sick and tired of having a cluttered desk space?

How about your pantry or your shelves are they cramped too? How about your bills are you always misplacing them or worst forgotten that you have them? Do you have a lot of stamps near you? And you end up asking yourself “What am I going to do with these stamps near me?

Clutter causes your mind to be disorganised as well, and the key to bringing organisation in your life is to arrange and de-clutter your house! By using the stamps near you, you’ll be able to put your things in order. And you’ll be able to do this without breaking your bank.

  • Segregate Your Stuff

Girl putting a book above the shelf

The first step in organising is figuring out where to place each stuff you have. For example, pens and papers you use in your work area should be placed in a category named as office supplies. Your pots and pans should be placed with other pots and pans under the kitchen stuff.

Don’t mix your stuff with other categories, for example, don’t place your office pens in a box with the pens your kids use. Or, put your bills in the same container as your letters. Doing this will make it easy for you later when you make use of your self-inking stamps and rubber stamps.

  • Choose Your Containers

Crafting Tools that are made for sewing and mails

You don’t need fancy bins, and custom made organising boxes. Make use of what you have, if you have plastic containers that are not being used then use those instead. Any extra boxes, bins and baskets you have lying around the house can be used as your containers. Using resources, you have around the house not only saves you money but frees up space as well.

  • Label Your Containers

Containers for Rubber Stamps

Once you’ve determined which object goes to which container and you placed the object inside the container, the next thing you need to do is label these containers. You can do this cheaply by using your stamps and stamp pad to create pretty and quick labels. Keep in mind what type of ink you use though because not all links work great on all kinds of surfaces. Take for example dye ink. Dye ink works great on matte, vellum and glossy paper but it won’t work well with glass or porcelain.

Personalised name stamps work great when you’re labelling your kid’s toys, clothes and even their cabinet drawers. And if you want to get more creative, you can buy special rubber stamps or order crafting rubber stamps online. These inexpensive stamps give you different stamp designs that you can use to not just label but also beautify your home.

  • Create Special Bins

Special bins for storage

Aside from using self-inking stamps or rubber stamps to label containers with sugar, socks, salt, laundry basket and so on, you can also create special bins. These special bins can have multiple purposes from storing your bills according to deadlines to organising the mail you receive by date.

  • Bills Bins – never miss paying a bill on time by using your self-inking date stamps. By arranging your bills by date, you can easily spot which bills are due and which are not.
  • Document Bins – arrange your papers according to read, being done, near completion and finished that way you’ll know which paperwork needs to be done first and which one to finish later. 
  • Design Your Task Chart

Task chart board

After organising your things into containers, the next thing you need to do is make a task chart. This task chart can be for your office, your kids’ room, the kitchen, the garage, literally any spot in your house where you do something.

Examples of task charts:

  • Work Project Chart – to help you organise all your projects and make sure that you do them on time.
  • Children’s Chore Chart – allows your kids to see who is assigned to certain chores around the house like taking out the trash and feeding the pet dog.
  • Stocks Inventory – to help you keep track of your stock in the pantry that way you know exactly what to buy when you go to the grocers.

Custom made stamps like custom rubber stamps, and custom self-inking stamps are great for individual projects or tasks you want to put in your task chart.

  • Make Use of Tags

Paint brushes kept on a holder

For tasks or items that can’t be stamped on you can use the tags system and make your own tags using your stamps. Examples of such tags are meal planning tags where you identify what dish you stored in each container. It’s especially useful when you’re using a container that expensive like porcelain or decoupage containers where rubber ink stamps would create a not so pleasant mark on the bin’s surface.


Stamps can help you organise your house by giving you cheap alternative ways to label your stuff using stamps instead of buying premade labels like adhesive bookplates. Stamped labels, especially those that are made with permanent ink, are durable and won’t fade over time. So if you want an affordable organisation with unfading results, stamps rubber or self-inking is perfect for you.