Personalised name stamps are, often times, only used in signing papers or for a return address. It’s more than just a print of your name or your return address. 

Do you dread buying new decorations? Want to save money on decorations? You can minimize the money you’ll spend on each occasion if you have your trusty personalised rubber stamp with you. It can be used in different ways for more than one occasion.

You don’t want to spend more this Halloween? You can modify your decorations with your name stamp. Here are eight ways you can use your name stamp this Halloween.

Halloween Cards

Spice up your Halloween cards using your name stamp. Create greeting cards without using lots of items. Use your stamp as designs for your Halloween cards, rather than paying to have them printed. Make use of any of your available craft papers. For example, cardstock, kraft or thick papers. Then, ready the ink with the color of your choice, and your stamps.  

Start by preparing and conditioning your materials: cardstock, ink and stamps. Add the ink on the stamp and hold it with both hands, as level as you can, over the sheet of cardstock. Then, press down firmly and make sure to stamp straight down.  

Experiment on stamping by using different colors of ink. This brings more emphasis on areas where you want to be highlighted. Or you can layer one stamp design to another. Create designs by just playing around the craft.

Loot Bags

Planning on giving treats away this coming Halloween? Use a personal touch on your loot bags using your self-inking stamps. Not only does it save you money from printing but it also cultivates your creative side. Keep the design simple, or create a symmetrical pattern around the loot. Embellish your loots with stamps in colors black, orange, violet, or any other color associated with Halloween.


Give a twist to your Halloween treats. Make stamped candies! It’s actually edible. Press custom rubber stamp on candies you plan to give during trick or treat. Your self-made confectionaries make a sweet gift for the trick or treaters.

Use confectioners’ sugar and powdered gelatin to create the dough. It should be pliable enough so you can roll it wafer-thin. Then, after it thoroughly dries, and is cut into pieces, it can then be decorated. You can now use your rubber stamps brushed with food color to fully customise the candies.


Rubber stamps actually make good party decorations. Save your money and use craft papers instead along with your rubber stamp. You can use the stamp on banderitas, paper napkins, or even invitations you plan to give out this coming Halloween.

You can even play around with your house décor. Stamp on flat surfaces. Whether, you’ll make your own rubber stamped fabrics like: curtains, napkins, table runners, pillow covers, or tile coasters, covered in Halloween patterns.

Even your lampshade can be covered by your customised stamp. These hand-stamped activities go well for the house décor on the Halloween party you will be hosting.

Personalised wrapping papers

One of the easiest ways of creating a personalized wrapping paper is through stamping. There’s no need to buy for wrapping papers, when you can make your own. Using your rubber stamps, make new designs that are unique and more personal.

You’ve got kraft papers? Cool! You can use those to wrap your giveaways. But you can even create something even more personal. Use those kraft papers together with your stamp to design your very own self-designed wrapping papers.

Either, your design is to stamp it in parallel lines, or in symmetrical lines. Use your own personalised wrapping paper for anything you want to cover.


Want to add balloons to your party checklist décor? That’s good! Decorate your balloons using your address stamps. The stamp design makes all of them look identical and saves you a lot of money. You can even make as many as you want.

Blow the balloon at least ¾ with air. To custom print the balloon with your stamp. Try to keep the air inside and grasp the neck of the balloon, instead of tying it completely. Then, when the stamp is fully inked and clear, gently press the stamp on the balloon. And let it dry. Once it dries, you can blow it with helium, then tie its neck around again.

Napkin Holder

Your napkin holder looks… boring? Give it identity! Not only does this make it a good contemporary table piece, but it also gives the room cohesiveness. Ink it using your self-inking stamp. Use the design to liven up your napkin holder. Complement the color of the ink to the colors you want it to and give it a personality.

Stamp designs that, mostly give a complementary feel to napkin holders, are less likely to be large in prints. Go for patterned prints or single stamp design, that adds a whole new dimension to the finished holder.

Giveaway for Adults

Don’t have an idea on what to give to adults this Halloween? Use your rubber stamps. Adults love receiving stuff with personalised items. Especially on festive events. For instance, you can get adults to play for the trick or treat, then, every winner gets to have a hand-stamped loot full of confectionaries.

Keep the treats and cards you want to give them in a linen or paper bag, stamp it with your rubber stamp, and give it away. You can try to corporate other designs by stamping with different colors of ink.

Final Thoughts.

Customised name stamps are not just for signing papers. There are more ways that you can use it. Utilize it in textile, packaging, food, crafts and embellishment. And create many possible designs on different mediums like paper, fabric, plastic, wood and metal. What are you waiting for? Make your Halloween fun and enjoyable with DIY items with your rubber stamps.