Do you have a stash of stamps bought in NZ hanging around in your closet somewhere? Or you’re looking for fun activities your kids can do, but you’re tired of the usual outdoor games that most websites recommend?

We’ve compiled 5 activities that don’t require running around the house. Activities that tickle at your kids’ creative juices and keep them entertained while you do other things. Like, do the laundry or clean the garage. And the best part is, these activities make use of the things you have around the house, so you don’t have to spend a cent.

1. Make a Card

aa family crafting on stamps

Card making is one of the fun things you can do with your kids using rubber stamps. Your kids will enjoy the task of making their own cards which they’ll give out to their friends and loved ones. All you need are a piece of paper, rubber stamps and different coloured inks. They can make a wide array of cards from greeting cards for birthdays and Christmas, to their very own party invites.

The various stamps in the market range from cute fairies, to beautiful patterns and delicate fonts. Any design your children think of is possible especially with custom-made stamps sold online or at your local craft stores. And for a stain-free activity, self-inking stamps are your best rubber stamp option. Your kids can make at least a thousand impressions using these stamps and before they run out of ink.

Take a look at the examples below:

a birthday cards and an envelope yellow pink

Birthday Cards

card envelope for birthday cards

Christmas Greeting Cards

happy easter day black cards with peanuts


Happy Easter Cards

2. Create DIY jewellery

clouds and unicorn on a plate

Another great activity you can do with your kids is crafting pieces of jewellery. Your kids can enjoy making do-it-yourself jewellery that they can mould, shape, cut and design into earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces they can wear.

Shrink plastics make a great canvas where your kids can paint or stamp to produce beautiful jewellery. Have your kids stamp designs on the shrink plastic. And when the design is finished use a hole puncher to create an opening for the chains and cords you’ll attach the DIY pieces of jewellery to. If they’re making a ring, then the holes are not needed. Bake the shrink plastic, stamped side up in an oven at 325 F until the plastic shrinks to more than half the size.

Shrink plastic necklace

Shrink plastic rings

3. Make Ornaments

kids crafting

Salt dough, polymer clay or any moulding clay you can find makes a perfect material to create DIY ornaments with. Using custom rubber stamps, different ink colours and moulding clay, your kids will have a good time forming the clay into any shape, character and size they imagine.

You can create more details using stamps on the designs they made. For example, a fairy shaped bedside ornament will have a face, clothing and wings using stamps with a fairy design. After the design has been completed, you can bake the clay in the oven or air dry it.

Use the ornaments they made in their rooms, during special occasions such as birthdays and Christmas. Take a look at the example of clay ornaments made below:

Christmas clay ornaments

Halloween clay ornaments

squash on a drafting board with stamps

Fairytale clay ornaments

cartoon characters together in wax

4. Create Wrapping Paper

Self-inking stamps make the perfect gadget for this next activity. Your kids can use the stamp over and over again to decorate plain papers. When they’re done stamping the design on the paper, they can then use it to cover presents, boxes, and containers. Using the finished wrapper, you can make custom made notebooks and journals. Custom self-inking stamps give you and your kids the freedom to have any stamp design you want.

Aside from wrapping paper, you can also use plain wallpaper as the canvass for your kids to paint and stamp. The finished wallpaper can be used to decorate their bedrooms, playrooms, study area or any room you choose. It’s one way to display your kid’s creativity for your family members and guests to see.

5. Design DIY Clothes

The last activity, we recommend is t-shirt printing. Let your children become little designers and have them make their own clothing. Custom made stamps make for a beautiful medium to bring out your kid’s inner Coco Chanel or Giorgio Armani. The stamp design and the stamp pad varies on what type of ink you’d want them to play around with.

There are craft inks available in the market from shiny metallic ink to inks that give a matte finish. Experiment, and even let your kids choose the colour. Letting them decide on what ink to use can make the activity more customised for them.

And the fun doesn’t stop with just t-shirts, you can also make personalised shorts, skirts, handkerchief and even small kiddie bags.

Final Thoughts

Stamps can bring out the little Da Vinci inside your kids. It serves as a medium they can use to express their creative sides with breaking the bank with expensive paints and brushes. And for versatility and imagination, you can go for personalised stamps just for them. It’s up to you to introduce these fun activities to them; after all the limitation of the things they can create with the five activities is their imagination.