Where there are papers, a stamp is undoubtedly needed. And what place are papers are required every day other than an office? Office stamps have become common, and now, we even have stock stamps with pre-made text that are certainly useful for offices such as ‘Approved’, ‘Invoiced’, ‘Paid’, and etc.  Stamps make us finish our work and tasks faster.

Now, if your office doesn’t have one, here are the 2 kinds of stamps that are very useful in an office setting:


1. Wooden Rubber Stamp


wooden rubber stamp

Wooden Stamps are stamps with the rubber plate and are mounted on a wooden brick and handle. These wooden rubber stamps are also known to many as traditional rubber stamps. This kind of stamp needs to have an ink pad in order for it to make an impression on a material. Wooden Rubber Stamps, although are referred to as traditional stamps provide offices and businesses aid, especially when it comes to marking papers, files and documents.

This stamp has been around for more than 100 years yet, up until today it is still being used in schools, hospitals, law firms, offices and other businesses.


Advantages of Wooden Rubber Stamps


advantages of wooden rubber stamps




Because wooden rubber stamps require a separate stamp pad before making an impression, it’s perfect if you’re aiming to use different kinds of ink pads such as industrial ink, archival ink, permanent ink and etc. However, you must remember to clean the rubber plate of your company stamp, or any wooden rubber stamp before proceeding to use a different kind of ink.





Not only is it flexible when it comes to inks, but a wooden rubber stamp is also economical, especially because you can just buy stock stamps online for low prices. Rubber stamps can also be bought from your local stationery store.


2. Self Inking Stamps


self inking stamp

Self Inking Stamp is a modern and modified version of your traditional stamp. As I mentioned earlier, traditional stamps need a separate ink pad, where you dab your rubber stamp against the ink pad before proceeding to make an impression. This lessened the burden of writing the same thing over and over again, however, not long after, people especially those from office who needs to finish their stamping right away without having to dab the ink pad anymore. This is where colop self-inking stamps come in.

Self Inking stamps create clean and sharp stamp impressions on materials. Not only that, but it is also able to create 3 000 – 5 000 impressions before the ink runs out. Self-inking rubber stamps already have the ink pad built inside the body of the stamp.


Advantages of Self Inking Colop Stamps


advantages of self inking stamp

Clear Impressions


clear impressions

Self Inking Stamps are excellent when it comes to stamping on files and documents. Giving your vivid and sharp imprints. This is very handy for imprinting common seals on your documents. Aside from that, self-inking stamps can give you thousands of these clear impressions.




easy to carry

Self-inking stamps have ink pads built inside its body. This means that it eliminates the burden of having to carry an ink pad whenever you have an important meeting on a place other than the four corners of your office. As opposed to the traditional stamps in which you need to carry an ink pad.





With the things that a self-inking colop stamps provide, it is safe to say that custom made self-inking colop stamps are affordable. With the thousands of high-quality impressions it creates on your documents, and add the fact that it can last for years if properly kept, colop self-inking stamps do not cost much.


Final Thoughts

Wooden stamps can be used for anything. However, it does not guarantee to give you bright and vivid impressions because the impressions depend on the pressure you put during inking and imprinting. Self Inking Stamps, on the other hand, can make impressions on a variety of materials running from porous to glossy materials. So, whether you decide to buy a wooden stamp, or a self-inking stamp for your office/ company’s seal, for managing your papers, or to be used every day. It is important that you determine which stamp is appropriate to be used in your office.