No matter how much you love teaching, you will still feel tired and exhausted, especially if you see towers of paperwork that needs to be graded and checked. Although you’re only teaching 1 subject, you can help but feel tired because of all the classes with different grade levels that you are handling. Different grade levels mean different characteristics and behaviours. With these diverse students, how are can you manage your classroom, as well as your student’s behaviour? Stamps from Australia can help you with that.


Here are 3 things that Stamps from Australia can help you in your teaching:


1. Work Efficiently


work efficiently

Teaching and paperwork are two things that work together. Teaching is where you provide your students with the lessons they need to learn. Quizzes, projects and classroom activities are where you see your lessons come into work. This is where you test the students as to whether or not they paid attention to your lessons, and paperwork is where you record and break down the student’s performance. The lessons, as well as the quizzes, projects and the classroom activities, may take some time, but not that much. All the hard work comes with the paperwork— especially grading your students.

Checking your student’s work is one job that can tire you out. Of course, not all of your students belong and excel to one kind of intelligence alone. A classroom is often heterogeneous, a mix of the body-kinesthetic students, logically intelligent, musically intellectual and many more, which means, if your activity is more of an objective type, the students who are good at memorisation will surely excel. With a heterogeneous classroom, a lot of things can happen, especially if you’re checking the student’s essay.

Yes, some may do a great job at it, but not everyone— some of your students will definitely give you a paper full of errors. You definitely won’t record their work, and you would have to return their work and have them redo it again. This is where your self-inking stamps and rubber stamps come in. Writing the same feedback on your student’s work is very tiring (and quite boring). You can order custom-made rubber stamps online, so instead of writing, you can just stamp your feedback on the paper.

Here are some of the texts you can use in your rubber stamp:

  • Late
  • Please See Me
  • Check Spelling
  • Please Write Neatly
  • Requires Parent Signature
  • Extra Credit
  • Incomplete
  • Good Job!


2. Item Tracking


item tracking

A school is composed of several classrooms, with a number of teachers employed. All teachers bring their personal belongings from home to school just to give their students the best learning experience. With all the transferring of classrooms, combined with teaching the students, the teacher is bound to leave his or her personal belongings in one of the classrooms. And this may sometimes go unnoticed until the teacher comes home and finds one of his or her stuff is missing. The teacher would then look for the missing item at school the next day. This causes mixups of items, especially if one of the co-teachers has the same exact item.

However, these are not the only stuff that gets mixed up. The common mix-ups happen to your students. This is when in the middle of the class, your student raiser his or her hand, will point to one of his or her classmates and declares that the classmate stole his or her book. Of course, the classmate defends his/ her self and will say it’s hers. Thus, a war between your students may erupt, and noise will definitely follow. And no teacher likes unproductive noises.

Stamps can prevent this from happening. You can order stamps online with texts that say ‘This Book Belongs To’ embossed in it. Stamps can also come in handy if one of your student’s submitted work does not have a name written in it. Surely teachers aren’t magicians to guess which handwriting does the submitted work belong to. With a stamp that says ‘Missing Name’ embossed on the rubber plate, you must imprint that unidentified piece of paper to your pile of other unnamed papers and ask the class the next time you teach the class.


3. Motivates Students


examples of motivational stamps

Praising your students, and motivating them to keep doing well encourages your student to keep giving a good performance. This is how you are able to provide a positive learning environment for your students. Not only will you encourage your students that are doing well, you can also inspire your students that are not doing as well as the others to improve their performance.

You can give them a verbal praise, and recognise them in front of the class with their excellent job. If their work is written on a piece of paper, you can write ‘Great Job’ on your students’ papers. However, you can also use stamps on their papers. Stamps make the praise more formal, which would make the students feel proud.

This can be done through motivational stamps such as:

  • Great Job
  • Keep It Up!
  • Job Well Done
  • Great Improvement
  • Brilliant Work
  • Good Job! Keep it Up!

You can even slip silly jokes such as ‘Egg-cellent Work!’ which will definitely make your students smile. It is, after all, a teacher’s job to bring up each of your students self-esteem, especially those students that have low self-esteem.


Final Thoughts

Teaching can be an exhausting job, however, whenever you see how much your students have improved from the day 1 up until today, you can’t help but feel glad that they made an effort into learning the lessons. No matter how unruly and rowdy your students are, at the end of the day, you’re one of the people who’s moulding their future.